12 Hours a Slave

The party was taken by the slavers through Dalad’s Pass, and headed north on the Salt Road. They made good time, but nightfall soon came. As the slavers made camp, Vovox attempted to woo one of his half-orc slavers, Wira, which left him laying in the dirt. Liam Nieson spent some time sussing out some information from the slave leader Aston Splitter, where he learned the party was to be taken to Rego-Rosto to labor in the wall building effort.

Ivan Petrovsky struck up a one-sided conversation with Edbeen, attempting to give Dutchboy some cover to attempt to slip his bonds. Eventually through his ingenuity using the campfire, Dutchboy was able to burn away the ropes that held him.

The following morning as the party broke camp and continued northward, they were ambushed by a Griffon. Dutchboy captialized on this to attack his captor Edbeen, using an arrow from his quiver as a dagger. Vovox and Ivan escaped from Wira when she went to assist the rest of the slavers against the Griffon. Ivan successfully convinced Edbeen to attack the Griffon, but in his haste he tripped and fell over Liam, who along with Dutchboy, mercilessly savaged him with an arrow until he collapsed upon the road.

The Griffon made off with two of the slaver’s corpses, and the party dispatched the remaining slavers with weapons they had retrieved from Edbeen’s body. The party left the bodies laying in the road and continued on Northward, and eventually came across Jerosa’s Inn, where they found lodging for the night.

A company of gnomes, riding high on their recent victory also stopped there for the night, and a mysterious wizard, Blow, arrived as the sun set. Dutchboy discovered that Jerosa had an unknown problem that she didn’t think the party could help her with. With an adventurer’s spirit he decided to solve it anyhow, and woke his friend Liam. The two of them made their way into the basement of the Inn, where they discovered a massive sleeping rat. They quickly ambushed it, and the timely arrival of Blow down the cellar stairs sealed the rat’s fate. As the rat’s corpse twisted into the shape of a man they discovered that it was Jerosa’s husband Rodgar, who had recently been bitten by a wererat.

Feeling their duty was done, the party slept for the night.

How it all began

The Battle for Dalad’s Pass

A group of mercenaries, Ivan, Dutchboy, and Vovox fought for the southern kingdoms against the Rostovani army. During the course of the battle they confronted and defeated Cimeth, a Rostovani officer who had just slain the leader of their band of mercenaries. It was a pitched fight, that was finally ended by a well placed axe-uppercut.

After defeating Cimeth, the party turned to find a small band of gnomes, led by Lari Gooing. Fortunately, an allied rogue, Liam Nieson was moving in to flank the gnomes as they attacked.

The party managed to overwhelm Lari Gooing’s troops, killing Praedda, Acssa, and Onaremar in short order. The tides of battle turned when Dutchboy accidentally shot his ally Ivan in the back, and Liam Nieson began to flee. Lari siezed on the opportunity, and was able to take all four of the mercenaries prisoner.

After the battle Lari sold his captives to a slaver by the name of Aston Splitter for a small fortune.

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