“I will interrogate him….” [lops off his arm and watches him bleed out]
“Swing away”


Vovox, born over 300 years ago in the southern Dwarven village of Thon Thorin was once part of the royal lineage for the Kingdom of Grendaan. His fall from grace started just as he was becoming an adult.

While on a diplomatic mission to the neighboring Half-Orc nation of Gdgen he caught eye of Princess Yoturl (he always had a thing for Half-Orc women) and began to court her. This was strictly prohibited by Gdgen law but they were hopelessly in love with each other. When found out Vovox’s entire diplomatic mission was immediately executed, he only escaped because of the princess’s connections within the court. Upon his return to Grendaan he learned that his actions had begun a war and his home village of Thon Thorin was already lost to the invasion.

Vovox hastily raised an army from local militia and went to the battle front. Upon reaching the front lines he charged into battle, capturing a half-orc General. Knowing this General may have important information regarding the invasion he attempted to interrogate him. The general was as stubborn and closed lips as he was dumb and in his frustration Vovox took his waraxe and thrust it down through the generals shoulder. Upon contact the general’s eyes got big and for the first time Vovox knew the general was scared. Unfortunately the general bled out in short order and no useful information was gleened.

Shortly after that battle a messanger from the King brought a message to Vovox stating his presence was required in the capital. When his caravan neared the gates flags were dropped to signal the caravan to halt and not enter the city. The gates opened and a single messenger emerged, quickly riding to the caravan. The messenger told Vovox that due to his mistakes in Gdgen, the King was removing his titles, surname, and he was here by and immediately banished from the kingdom. Vovox did not plead for forgiveness or second chances.

Embarrassed and disgusted with himself, Vovox road north out of the kingdom without ever looking back.

Many years later, he finds some friends does some things…. then blinks out of existence inside a bag while trying to scare his friends… Some say you can still hear his giggles coming from the bag as though he’s about to prank you.


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