Wira (Deceased)


A half orc fighter, who inherited little of her Orc parent’s sense of Hygeine, and none of her Human parent’s, she was banished from her tribe at a young age, deemed too foul and uncouth to ever live as an Orc. After a few years of brigandry, she eventually wound up working with a group of slavers who needed some muscle.

It was there that she met the gentle giant known as Edbeen. His simple charm, and hopeless romanticism showed Wira the first feelings of belonging in her life. She had recently scrapped together enough gold to purchase the quaint cottage Edbeen had always dreamed of, and had been working up the courage to tell Edbeen that this would be their last slaving trip, the excitement of it all welling up inside her, when a Griffon attacked.

Rushing to the aid of Aston Splitter she was too late. To her horror, as she turned to check on her love, she found a group of slaves mercilessly savaging him with arrows.

The slavedwarf Vovox rushed her, knocked her to the ground, where the group of slaves eventually overwhelmed her, the Dwarf lodged his axe in her head, and took her own as a trophy.


Wira (Deceased)

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